Benefits of online reputation management for companies

This article will discuss what online reputation management

is all about its importance and its benefits. Please keep reading to explore them.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management entails a mix of marketing, search engine optimization [SEO], public relations strategies to promote and protect an online image. Online reputation management [ORM] has become an essential aspect for businesses to monitor and identify brands’ digital reputation.

However,internet is a place where consumers exchange their experience. This process contributes to shaping ORM of companies. Most business companies desire positive ORM. But only few companies know that it can be changed from positive to negative per day. To avoid inconveniences, companies need to manage their online reputation.

Why is ORM important to businesses?

It allows businesses to monitor their online reputation regularly. Since online content continuously shifts, how people perceive a brand can also change drastically.

Even so, businesses need to identify what is being said about them online and how they can improve if people perceive them negatively.

According to research, more than 40% of digital marketers monitor their company’s brand daily, while others monitor it on an hourly basis. Through regular monitoring of their ORM, companies can avoid the potential loss of a significant amount of new business leads and sales.

Additionally, for businesses to avoid damaging their brand reputation, they must devote resources to ORMas part of their digital marketing strategy.

Purposes of  researches

The purpose of this study is to show the benefits of ORM, based on analysis of related case studies. The secondary research achieves the purpose of analyzing the case studies, focused on it. Also used methods are analysis, comparison and selection. The main finding is that many indicators manage it.

In conclusion, proper ORM strategy is a benefit for every business company. Recommendations for companies are to monitor their online presence , so they can gain more customers and of course higher profit.