An online booking engine is a reservation processing system used by hotels, hostels and other lodging businesses. usually via their website. A booking engine, also known as IBE or Internet Booking Engine, is typically a software whose primary function is to collect reservation and credit card information from guests and integrate this data with other hotel management software such as a PMS, channel manager, CRS, or payment gateway. Most online booking engines can be embedded into an existing hotel website to work solely as the reservation processing system, while they can also serve as the hotel website too.

Some advantages by using a booking engine are:

Direct Sales
Selling rooms directly and eliminating commissions from distribution channels significantly increases hotel profit margins and lowers guest acquisition costs. Booking engine helps increase direct sales by streamlining the process and turning a hotel’s website into a self-service online shop .

Fast Booking Process
Transaction in real-time is extremely important. Furthermore, instantaneous availability, room types and up to date pricing have to be professionally presentable. Lastly, guests can take advatage of special offers and the option to insert promo codes, benefiting from lower prices..

Reduced Workload
Besides working when you’re not, booking engines significantly reduce the workload of your staff. As availabilities and rates are synced, you focus on optimising your time by providing excellent customer service to your guests.

Maximise Booking Revenue
One key benefit of using a booking platform is that it makes selling packages, room upgrades and offers much easier. By giving guests the option to enhance their stay, you are automatically improving your chances to raise total booking revenue. Moreover, a booking engine lets you opt for different pricing strategies, including charges per stay, night or person.Τherefore, it gives you the flexibility to adapt your offer based on what works best to increase hotel revenue.