An e-Shop is a “place” where a company is able to sell its products and services taking advantage of the digital networks. Customers are able to visit this online store at anytime and from anywhere. Therefore,  just by using a web browser on a desktop/laptop/mobile device they can purchase many goods.
With proper and smart use, it can offer many advantages, making a dynamic tool in the hands of businesses. Some of these advantages are:

24/7 Service and Availability
With an e-Shop you can offer to customers products and services at any time of the day, with no limitations. That being said, customers purchace items and make orders whenever they want to, without any hinderance.

Global Clientele
Having an online store, you can target an expanded group of people and potential customers, regardeless of geographical parameters. From now on your success and reputation does not necessarily depend on geographical criteria and restraints.

Low Cost
Building an online store is without qestion a more economical and affordable solution than setting up a physical store. Consequently, you can save money and direct them to other operations of your business suchs as advertising.

Product Promotion and Presenation
Today, the majority of the consumers gets information about products and services through the internet. Therefore, it is important for a company to have an online presence. While costumers’ experience gets improved, they will have access to updated product lists, prices and special offers.