revenue management

How Revenue Management can help your business

In this article we will discuss about what advantages a revenue management system can offer.

About Revenue Management

To start with, revenue management is the process of understanding and analysing guest behavior. The goal is to increase bookings by targeting the right guest, at the right time with the right prices. Since it is mostly used for hotels, it targets customers individualy by using available resources. Generaly, it involves optimizing a hotel’s presence on OTAs and opening new booking streams for the property. Some important benefits of revenue management include:

Forcast Booking Trends

At first, with Revenue Management you can analyse historical data, bookings during time, events and guests behavior to forcast booking trends and pattens.Therefore, you can be prepared about the seasonal changes beforehand and do not have to hassle to get bookings till the last minute.

Visibility across distribution channels

One key benefit is the visibility optimization of your property across connected OTAs and metasearch engines. Additionally, you can follow industry best practices to ensure that your listing is up-to-date. Furthermore, with a strong online presence and being bookable across these channels, you can increase your business’ ranking and reputation.

Optimized Pricing

Moreover, by getting advantage of available resources and the booking demand you can create competitive pricing strategies. Thus, you can sustain your activity in an competitive enviroment or even enhance it, making possible to take the lead over local businesses or even a whole market.

Customer Expectations

What is more, with revenue management you can understand better the guests’ preferences. While the research involved in many processes, it is able to provide you a clear view about what the guests really like and enjoy. No matter a good service or luxurious amentities, by understanding your customers’ desires you can create attractive packages, find possible weak points and generaly optimize your customer service, fulfilling your customeres’ expectations.

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