Content Management System. The Ideal Way to Manage Websites.

In this article, we will talk about how to build a website with special emphasis on its management. As we will see below, the management of a website is generally a matter of a Content management system (CMS).

Content management system (CMS) – Definition

First of all, a content management system (CMS) is the software that helps the user to manage his website and present it properly on the internet. It therefore performs two distinct functions. In detail, the first concerns its administrator and the second concerns the internet and the users who visit it. Finally, in both cases, what a CMS does is to automate some processes that are done repetitively and facilitate others so that they do not require technical knowledge to be implemented.

The management of content

In short, a CMS allows us to manage the content of our website. This content consists of texts (with images, video, flash etc. ), their categorisation and their elegant presentation. Therefore, the CMS allows us to edit the texts of our website, add and remove them. It also allows us to categorize them to prioritize them and to link them to create menus. Furthermore, we can add image, video, audio, flash, etc. And all this without requiring much technical knowledge !

The appearance of the content

In this way, therefore, one can control practically all the content of one’s website. It also has to keep up with an ideal and stable template that highlights the entire website. The logic that is followed is that the administrator loads the content he needs into the management system and this helps him in a simple way to place it where he wants it to appear but with the process that web design requires.

CMS automates the technical processes

At the same time, the content management system takes care of the automatic presentation of the website to external users and search engines. In conclusion, it is responsible for making the website automatically always available and presentable , without any other human intervention, as long as one has loaded the appropriate content.

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